Would you rather sign up for a Free Web Hosting plan limited in time or resource

Started by redshrey, Jun 19, 2022, 12:24 PM

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redshreyTopic starter

Would you rather register to a Free Web Hosting plan that limits you in terms of time, for example a 30 day free trial period such as Netflix and then you start paying for your hosting plan.
Or would you prefer a free plan that limits you in terms of resources and you will need to upgrade to get better resources limits and full features available.
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Should be both, hard to make a profit and offer better services if things are free this long. 3-5 days max, limited resources to prevent abuse, makes the company appear more professional and enable them to offer more reliable services since everything eventually and quickly becomes a paid product or service.

If I had to choose only one then the trial would be the option, but 30 days is way too long and looses the business some serious profit.
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Well, the former is just a free trial and so not free hosting there.

The latter is more common, but what a lot of hassle to run/manage it. Not worth the hassle especially now cPanel charge per account, and it isn't as easy to run a free hosting service using alternative control panels.

Let's not forget that 80% of the signups seem to just be someone wanting to use the service for spam/malware/phishing activity.

Control panels should have features that help prevent abuse on a free service so it's easier for hosting providers to run free & paid services on the same infrastructure i.e don't allow phpmail on free accounts, but allow it on paid. Things like that.


I really do not like any trial period - a habit since the time of shareware programs. That is, those who choose a trial period in advance should be willing to pay, and this is in a certain sense the best solution. But my psychology does not accept any bonuses of the free period and vice versa - I agree to any costs of the functionality of the permanent free period. ::)