Would you rather sign up for a Free Web Hosting plan limited in time or resource

Started by redshrey, Jun 19, 2022, 12:24 PM

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Would you rather register to a Free Web Hosting plan that limits you in terms of time, for example a 30 day free trial period such as Netflix and then you start paying for your hosting plan.
Or would you prefer a free plan that limits you in terms of resources and you will need to upgrade to get better resources limits and full features available.
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Should be both, hard to make a profit and offer better services if things are free this long. 3-5 days max, limited resources to prevent abuse, makes the company appear more professional and enable them to offer more reliable services since everything eventually and quickly becomes a paid product or service.

If I had to choose only one then the trial would be the option, but 30 days is way too long and looses the business some serious profit.
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Well, the former is just a free trial and so not free hosting there.

The latter is more common, but what a lot of hassle to run/manage it. Not worth the hassle especially now cPanel charge per account, and it isn't as easy to run a free hosting service using alternative control panels.

Let's not forget that 80% of the signups seem to just be someone wanting to use the service for spam/malware/phishing activity.

Control panels should have features that help prevent abuse on a free service so it's easier for hosting providers to run free & paid services on the same infrastructure i.e don't allow phpmail on free accounts, but allow it on paid. Things like that.


I really do not like any trial period - a habit since the time of shareware programs. That is, those who choose a trial period in advance should be willing to pay, and this is in a certain sense the best solution. But my psychology does not accept any bonuses of the free period and vice versa - I agree to any costs of the functionality of the permanent free period. ::)


Why Free Hosting is a mistake?
Often the choice of free or cheap hosting seems very profitable from a financial point of view, but such savings are achieved by reducing the cost of technical support and a number of functions.

Also, free web hosting places serious requirements and restrictions on hosted projects. For example, most providers block the creation of business cards, online stores, online exchanges or file archives on a free server. And even if you are not subject to restrictions, there is no guarantee that in the future the list will not be expanded and your site will not be blocked for violating the rules. However, these are not all the problems that you may encounter when using free hosting. We will tell you about other reasons to refuse such a decision:

Hidden payments. Using free hosting does not always mean that you do not have to spend money. There is always a risk that hidden payments that will need to be paid in the future are "sewn up" in a free, at first glance, service. Many providers have a time-limited free period, so after it has passed, you will either need to pay for services or find a new server for your project. Another option assumes that with unpaid use of resources, you will get limited functionality. This may become apparent only after a while.
Very often, free web hosting services have serious limitations on the amount of resources provided, so you will have to pay for all resources in excess of the free tariff. There are also limitations on the amount of memory available for the site. There are often bandwidth issues, etc. At the same time, you can expand the functionality and resources only with the help of an additional payment. Getting away from a free provider is not so easy, since, most likely, there will be a number of restrictions and conditions in the contract that will have to be fulfilled.

The inability to transfer the site. A serious disadvantage of free hosting is that they have a restriction on the transfer of the site. That is, the owner of the project cannot dispose of it alone, which will not allow selling the resource, transferring it to third parties, publishing content on another site, etc. This parameter should be taken into account by designers, artists and photographers who want to create a portfolio website.
Often, the rights to the content posted on the site are transferred to the provider, which will bring a number of problems in the future. Transferring the project to another server will not be possible or will require additional costs. Such unforeseen expenses can seriously hit your budget.

Reliability issues. As a rule, free hosting is provided by young companies that invest a lot of money in promoting their own services. Almost always, new customers are attracted with the help of a free package of services, but the user has to purchase all additional options at a high cost. But this is not the main problem – web hosting a website on the servers of a developing company often turns out to be unreliable.
There are always risks that the provider will not withstand competition and will leave the market, and you will lose your project and all the posted content. The situation is aggravated by the fact that free providers do not make backups of the site, so you will not be able to restore the resource.

Lack of access to server management. When using a cheap solution, you will not be able to access the server or this access will be limited. This can have various unpleasant consequences. For example, you won't be able to scale your site if necessary. Also, most providers cannot provide good performance of their servers, which will not allow you to get a large number of visitors. At the initial stage of the development of your project, this will not be so important, however, with an increase in the client flow, you will certainly encounter problems that you will not be able to solve yourself.
Limited website design. Many cheap web  hosting providers limit user settings of functionality and design, so you will have to settle for basic solutions. This will not be critical when creating, for example, a hobby resource, but it may negatively affect an online store or a business card site. Of course, you will be able to make small changes to the project, but they will be limited. As a result, the site will look outdated and unprofessional, and this is a risk of losing potential customers. Another problem with free hosts is the inability to choose a domain name. Most likely, you will be offered a subdomain and the list of options is unlikely to meet all your requirements.

 For many business projects, it is critically important to use various plugins that will provide many of the key functions of the project. However, if you choose free web hosting, it is unlikely that you will be able to make the project functionally complete. That is, you will not be able to organize the mailing of emails to users or install a module for online sales. There is also a risk that forced advertising will be placed on the site, which you will not be able to refuse.
Problems with SEO promotion. We have already mentioned that free hosting negatively affects promotion. The site loads very slowly on such a server, which increases downtime and the number of failures. As a result, you will not be able to attract enough users to your project and will not make a profit.
If you want to invest in SEO optimization, then you should understand that you cannot do without good (and paid) web hosting. Otherwise, there are risks that you will lose access to the project, which will lead to a number of negative consequences for the ranking of the resource in search engines. Using a professional package of services from a web hosting provider, you will be able to create all the necessary conditions for website promotion and scale resources at any time.