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Started by offka, Jun 23, 2022, 06:11 AM

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Our DirectAdmin hosting uses Litespeed servers and WordPress LiteSpeed Cache, perfect for any size WordPress site. We use CloudLinux OS and CageFS hаck Protection to keep your site safe. Softaculous is also available for auto installs.

DirectAdmin Free Hosting
NVMe SSD Space: 200Mb
Monthly Bandwidth: 1Gb
Hosted Domains: Unlimited
Free SSL: Yes


I have purchased paid package last year, it has not been working even 1 day. Last 3 months no response to trouble tickets.


Shared hosting comes with some technical issues. Quite often, there is a case where an increase in resource consumption by one client causes a slowdown or even unavailability of the entire server. The problem described is sometimes referred to as the "bad neighbor problem".

One of the best solutions to the problem described above is to use the CloudLinux operating system, designed specifically for hosting companies. Customers renting dedicated servers can purchase CloudLinux license.

What are the benefits of using CloudLinux?

When hosting many websites on one webserver, one often has to deal with a case where an increase in load on one site (for instance, when using poorly written applications or as a result of malicious actions of neighbors) significantly slows down or even blocks the work of others. CloudLinux solves this problem by isolating all users from each other and limiting the consumption of system resources. CloudLinux permit you to increase the level of stability and security, increase the density of users on servers and reduce maintenance costs.

The most obvious disadvantage of NVMe SSD is the high cost of a unit of info storage, even compared to SSD on SATA and SAS interfaces, not to mention the most budgetary and common option - HDD. And if in the case of a home computer, the transition to a new format is accompanied by one-time costs that will not overload the budget, then switching the server to NVMe solid-state drives may lead to the need to increase the subscription fee for services up to three times.