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Started by jeffreyrogers, Nov 18, 2022, 02:26 AM

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Hello, dear forum users!

I present to your attention hosting services from PRO-HO.NET
At the moment, website hosting (virtual hosting) and domain registration services are provided.
Php 5-8, zend loader, iconv, ioncube, eAccelerator, gd and many other modules are installed on our servers, since there are many of them, I will not list them all – if you doubt any – you can specify, I will be happy to answer.

Server Configuration: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620, 16Gb DDR3, 1200Gb SSD
Hosting tariff plans:
Mini: 30000 MB, 1 domain, 3 email accounts, unlimited traffic - $1/month
Classic: 100 GB, 10 domains, mail accounts and unlimited traffic - $2/month
Advanced: 300 GB, domains, mail accounts and unlimited traffic - $3/month
Master: 500 GB, domains, email accounts and unlimited traffic - $5/month

Our website:

Only for dnray users! - write to the ticket system about what you learned about us from this forum and it will be added to you when ordering from 6 months or two as a gift!

You can ask questions in the topic, or on
That's not all! - when switching from the old provider to us - 30 days for free as a gift.