Best time for a game server

Started by titris, Jun 23, 2022, 02:49 AM

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For now I'm interested in that question. As we know, summer is not a season for hosting providers, because many clients have weekends.
But what about game servers? They seems to be more popular in summer because pupils and students are free for gaming
What do you think about it?


Best time is anytime, game server providers are open 24/7/365 and waiting for your order.
You might find some that offer discounts for holidays or special game releases or events, but this should not be expected. Also note that the majority of gamers are аdults 18 to 34.


It really depends on the game you plan on hosting.
We used to offer Minecraft hosting and saw increases as high as 300% during the summer months as younger children and teens were off of school and needed a game to stay connected with their friends.


What I observe is that my nephew (8 years old) is sitting in Minecraft for hours now in the summer, like all his friends, by the way. The load on game servers is on average the same, but in the summer, younger players spend more time playing.


Game hosting is a service for hosting multiplayer game engines on specially configured servers connected to a stable Internet channel around the clock. Game hosting services differ from hosting for sites quite significantly. Not so much hardware as software and specific settings. Online toys are voracious to hosting resources to varying degrees, so the cost of renting servers with the same number of slots for different games may vary.

MyArena is a game hosting service designed to host online game servers. Minecraft, Counter Strike, Rust, Arma, Left 4 Dead, GTA and other projects are supported. Virtual gaming, dedicated virtual and physical servers, TeamSpeak/Mumble servers, regular hosting and hosting their servers in a data center - that is a set of services. Of the hardware, the most powerful is the Core i7 8700K. SSD drives are used. Installing the ISPmanager panel is a separate paid option.

By default, a self-developed control panel is used, which is moderately convenient and fast. 3 days are given for testing. Special emphasis is placed on low ping, which is extremely important for online games.
The set includes systems for managing bans, game statistics. There is a possibility of automatic installation of popular CMS. Servers run Linux by default, you can change to Windows/VMware on VDS. There is a free tariff, access to which is opened if there is at least one paid tariff plan.

Aternos is completely free web hosting (there are no tariffs), designed exclusively for running Minecraft game servers. The server is created automatically immediately after registration. The control panel is rich, decorated brightly in the manner of a game, there is advertising inside – due to that, the platform lives. The level of complexity of use is average, it is advisable to work according to the guide if you have not used it before. If there are no players on the server 4 minutes after the launch, it will be automatically disabled.
Hosting is designed for those who want to quickly launch a server and drive on it with friends. It is available to everyone, but it does not pretend to be serious or commercial use. Only for Minecraft fans.
It works properly, there are plugins, modpacks, game builds and so on – a complete set. DDoS protection, good round-the-clock technical support, automatic backups. Lots of flexible settings. The platform is densely populated, there are usually no problems with finding players.


Full free of charge;
Access to a large amount of content – modpacks, builds, plugins;
Flexible settings;
Stability and normal operation speed;
Round-the-clock technical support;
DDoS Protection;
Available to everyone.

After starting the server, players must connect quickly, otherwise it will be eliminated;
It is not suitable for creating commercially oriented servers.

Profile game hosting is much smaller than the usual ones – those that are tailored for web  hosting websites . When choosing, the reliability of protection against attacks is of paramount importance. Poorly protected servers will often "lie down", nullifying efforts to attract players and ensure a comfortable gameplay.
Technical support also plays a significant role – at least once, even during the first month, you will have to contact her with questions or complaints. Hardware resources are important, but, as a rule, secondary: on virtual hosts, the load is calculated by slots and adjusted to the hardware. With normal setup and stable operation, nothing should lag.

The hoster should be chosen based, first of all, on the reviews of real customers. The information on the off-sites does not always correspond to reality. They often exaggerate the advantages, intentionally miss important nuances that then pop up in the process of using the services.

It is also worth reading reviews. Game hosting is not as hyped and popular as usual. There are few really large providers among them, many are trying to make money by reselling the capacities of leased servers. Artisanal web hosting can be recognized by the low quality of the web site, technical support and characteristically bad customer reviews. It is better to overpay for the quality of services from a more or less reputable provider.


Game servers are popular anytime :)  True gamers play every day or night, after school, work or even instead. I believe it`s the most favored niche among young or older people.
P.S. When have free time, I enjoy the game proccess :D