Started by Alekset, Jul 02, 2022, 07:24 AM

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I needed domains in zones that asked for documents for residents of other countries in these zones. Everything turned out with the help of 101domain. The right trustee service gave me the domains. 101domains satisfied my wishes. Domains in some zones, sensible technical support, no problems with documentation. Everything I wanted, I got in 101domain.


I have been cooperating with 101domain for several years and everything seems to be not bad and in some places even good, BUT:
- There is NO support as such
(This means that they work only from 9:00 to 17:00 on working days!!! the rest of the time ... suck ...,
it means that if you have problems, then you may not be answered on Skype for weeks or not at all, it means that they won't help you on the phone, it means that no one needs you with their problems, it means that there is only one way to communicate - write a message to the support service and all solutions to the problem will stretch for days if not weeks !!!)
- Your web site will easily stop working, because there are NO notifications about disconnection, of course you can see an overdue payment invoice in your personal account, BUT:
- You will not understand anything if you see that invoice for payment is not clear for what (it is not made in an obvious way at all) and there is only one option - just pay all the bills in a row, just in case, so to speak, despite the fact that "you need it or not."
- Many services available by default on other web hosting sites are disabled: Gzip CRON, etc. (you can get tired of listing)
And the most interesting thing: at least beat your head against the wall. at least call, at least write in response you will receive nothing. This is some kind of swamp. It'll suck and you won't get out.