2 domains at 1 ip address

Started by Novel Web Solution, Jul 15, 2022, 11:58 PM

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There is a site with a domain, let's call it "example.com", suddenly, it became available at one more address "another site.com".

This is not a copy or a redirect. We wrote to the hosting support, they answered the following:

"Domain "othersite.com" has the same IP address as the web server serving "example.com" "

Questions to experts:
1. What is the essence of this situation? 2. How could this happen? 3. How to solve the problem?

First of all, it is interesting for self-development, what is it?


If you have your own server (sometimes a dedicated IP is enough, if the hoster is completely stupid or deliberately provides this opportunity) and there is no control over the host name, at least a million domains "to any interested person" can be connected to it.

To avoid this, in Apache, for example, you need to create a default virtual host to catch all not own calls and the main virtual host for the site itself.
You can filter out the strange hosts directly on the site (in .htaccess for example).


Faced with a similar problem.
local area network. alias from ip to domain.
from local machines via ip goes to the openserver domain name without problems.
but here are a few more domains that can't be hung up.

In Denver, this was solved by creating a folder with ip - and there are already folders with domains in it. As a result, it was possible to go to different domains from the same ip (for instance,\site1 and\site2).
Is there an analog solution to thiat issue in openserver?