Can a domain name in the .COM zone be taken away?

Started by patricka, Aug 13, 2022, 01:26 AM

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I can't figure that out for myself. Let's say there is a company "ABC" which opened recently (several months ago) in one European country. They probably don't have a trademark for that name yet.

I have registered in the .com zone (after registering the company) a domain that completely matches the name of that company, i.e. as an example "".

In the country where the company is registered, the domain with its name is free, for example it is "", this name is also available in other domain zones.

Can "ABC" prosecute my .com domain? Thanks.


If you have a website on that domain of the same direction as the TM is registered on, then they can squeeze it out.
And if the other - they can not.
I remember there was a court of the famous fast food corporation, and a person who bore such a surname and registered a domain name. The corporation tried to reclaim the domain, but failed.
The man said - that is the domain of my last name. I talk about myself on the website and do not sell fast food. That is, I do not violate the trademark. The court sided with him.