Challenge Transferring High Value Domains to Other Registrars?

Started by siyajoshi, Jun 30, 2022, 10:16 AM

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siyajoshiTopic starter

Has anyone ever had a challenge trying to transfer a higher-value domain from one registar to another?

One domain recently in my portfolio started being cited by the registrar for potential to be sold for "xхxX" on their site. It was one of those big notices at the top of the domain list, suggesting that this had a great potential. Renewal was coming up in several months, but I had already decided to transfer this one, along with many others, to a different registrar with lower cost renewals.
After multiple phone calls and emails, including manual verification, I was able to get the previous registrar to release the domain. There seemed to be so much difficulty with this one particular domain transfer, compared to over a dozen of other ones that I also did in the same transaction.

Has anyone had this experience? Did it turn out that the domain did have potential buyers, and that you were able to sell it fairly quickly after the transfer? Any other thoughts?


Godaddy added security measures awhile back that require for domains that their system recognizes as high value (it seems to be for domains that are above a certain valuation in their appraisal tool) to go through verification via their transfer verification department.

So for any domain that's "flagged" as such, the process can't be expedited until their department sends an email requesting to verify the transfer. After they get an affirmative reply, expediting it is possible.
Ultimately, while it can be annoying to wait a bit further, it does provide extra security for domains that are (or might be) high value, so all in all- waiting a bit more isn't a terrible notion.


I keep away from gd.. it would be an amazing registrar if it was the only one on earth. now it's about number 5 on my list.

as for this op topic.. seems gd has this extra security for older names.. so more age than value they may give it. which is good. cause value is random and age real.

this extra security is anything but a bug. but like a bug can be annoying.

well that does settle that then. remember flush all valuation tools down toilet.. gently or u clog it.. so many there are around.


In addition to protecting the privacy of your data, you must take care of the security of the domain. Domain name theft has become a common occurrence where people take control of a domain name to sell it to competitors or the original owner.

Choose a trusted domain name registrar that will take reasonable steps to prevent domain hijacking. You should also check the registrar's authentication and security protocols to avoid domain hijacking.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your current domain registrar, the last thing you want to do is pay a hefty fee to transfer your domain to another registrar.

While most reputable registrars don't charge extra for domain transfers, it's always a good idea to review their domain name transfer policy beforehand.

Some registrars make the transfer process difficult and even impossible to move to keep you as a customer. To avoid this, check the domain name  transfer process before choosing any registrar.