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Started by Ranviva, Oct 07, 2022, 02:37 PM

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How to choose best domain name for small business in online way. for Food category ?


I have changed my domain name several times. Fortunately for this, hosting had such an opportunity. Choosing a name without experience is a rather difficult task. And it doesn't always work the first time. In the end, I found a way out for myself. The registrar often sells vacant names. Finding such a name is much easier than coming up with an original and memorable name. Preferably from 3-4 letters by the name of your goods or services.
I repeat this was my experience.


The main thing is that the domain should be easy to remember - one or two short words. Ideally, appropriate to the subject of the business - this can help promote the site. For example,, .


Hyphens can be used, but it is better to avoid using them. Because during an oral conversation, people may not say about the hyphen in the domain name, and potential customers may not find you and will go to competitors.

Many domain names are registered and released every year. Therefore, it is very important to find out before buying which site was located on the domain before you. You can do this using the Web Archive service, which periodically saves information about all web sites.

If you sell products for young mothers, the domain should reflect their interests. If you sell luxury goods and target the premium segment, the domain should be completely different. Analyze your target audience (CA) and only then start coming up with a domain .

For example, if the phrase "dog food" is included in the domain, and you sell cages for parrots, then users will have a question: am I on the right site? Aren't there scammers in front of me? Do not mislead visitors and reflect in the domain name only the real activity that is associated with your company.

You can and should use keywords in the domain name, but don't overdo it. If your domain will be read as "buy-hosting-rent-hosting-best-hosting.rf" is a clear overkill. So you can get sanctions from search engines for spam and never get to the first places in the search results.