Choosing Domain Name for SEO

Started by Ranviva, Nov 21, 2022, 09:27 AM

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How to choose best domain name for a website SEO point of view ?


Hello! The domain is the first thing that the user sees, of course you choose, but you should think about whether it makes sense to take a cheap one. Regarding the domain name, I can say that the best option is .com, the most versatile and recognizable, but again, it's up to you to decide. Hope my answer was helpful!


what is the principle of choosing a domain name and what search engines pay attention to:

  Domains with the inclusion of an exact query in the name
For example, for the query "repair in Khrushchev", preference will be given to a site with the domain " ". But if the quality of the site is inferior to competitors, this advantage will be taken away from the site in favor of more interesting and relevant resources.
A keyword in a domain name is a signal about the relevance of the content on the site, but it does not give an advantage over ranking in the output.

    Availability of the country code in the domain
The presence of the page code in the top - level domain may have a positive effect on the ranking of the site in the selected region, but may also have a negative effect on the ranking in global search.

    Subdomain name
In subdomains, you definitely need to add a keyword that characterizes the information on the site. This can increase the rating and ranking of the site in the output

    Domain Name Registration period and WHOIS information
It is recommended to pay for the domain registration period for several years in advance. So important and valuable domains are usually immediately extended by the owners for a long time, and various doorways (spam sites) and less valuable resources are all for one year, and possibly even less. Show the value of your site to the search engine.

The same applies to WHOIS information. Closed information may be a sign that you are hiding something from search engines and your resource may not be of high quality.

Do not forget to pay for the domain on time. If your domain name payment period has expired or the owner has changed several times, all this can become an alarm signal about the low quality or suspicion of the site. Penalties may be imposed on such a site, which in turn will affect the ranking. Google can erase the history of the site and disable links to it from other sources. All SEO efforts may be in vain.

    Domain History
The last, most important factor is the domain history. How do I check if another site was attached to this domain? How was he ranked and were sanctions applied to him?

Search engines can impose sanctions on a domain name and when connecting a new site, you may encounter a low ranking problem. Unfortunately, in most cases, nothing can be done about it.