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Why choose third level .com instead of second level .net domains?
Very often I see that .net is free for some keys, but everything is full in .com for this key.


The fact is that both vr domains and crypto are such a lottery at the moment. Few of them go to the end users and these are far from two-level.
The bulk are bought up and sold by domainers to each other, supposedly as a long-term investment. And investment, of course, is more promising in dot-com in the first place.
Yesterday I saw how dynadot dropped about 25 domains with VR + some word, apparently the person did not shoot, alas.
In dotnet, no one would even take this for free, but in .com there was objectively a chance to sell it.

If you are not ready to collect a portfolio of at least 50 domains, I would not advise buying either three-level dot-coms or two-level dotnets. On such domains, people make money because they have a lot of different positions, and not because all domains are commercial.


.Com and .Net are the two most popular domain extensions. If your preferred .com domain name extension is not available, you may be tempted to use .net. However , in most cases .net is not suitable for your business.

The "Com" in the .com domain indicates a "commercial" site. This can cover business site, websites that want to make money online, personal sites, blogs, portfolios and more.

On the other hand, the "network" in the domain means "network". It is designed for Internet, network and email service providers. If you are interested in learning about .org, it means "organization" and was originally intended for use by non-profit organizations. And, as you understand, .br means that this is a Brazilian web site. As a rule, American sites do not use the country extension at the end of their addresses, but the can also be seen on some domain names.

When To Choose A Domain Name .Com?
The .com domain name extension has been synonymous with the Internet since the dotcom bubble in the late 1990s. More than 40% of all registered domain are .com domains.
It is much easier for people to remember the .com domain than any other domain extension. It's familiar and convenient, and it gives your website a professional look. In addition, most mobile keyboards have a special .com button. You won't find this for .net (or any other extension).

There's just one problem. You've probably noticed that .com domains are so popular that it looks like all the good names have already been chosen! However, there are still many reasonable ways to get the perfect .com domain . Here are a few things you can try:

Make sure that your domain represents your business and what you do. For instance, better than .
If your preferred domain is already available, you can add a word before or after it to make it unique. Your location here may work fine. For instance, .
Make sure your domain is easy to pronounce and remember. Do not use hyphens or numbers in your domain name.
Take advantage of online domain generators.
These free tools will help you come up with unique and affordable ideas for smart domain names. About Shopify there is a free domain generator with which you can easily find a site name for a web site.
In general, it's better to come up with a name that your customers will easily remember in order to simplify access and sharing. Of course, it's very easy to share a site these days, and it's unlikely that anyone else will visit it by entering the address in the search bar. But it's always good that everything is simple and fast.

When To Use A Domain Extension .Net?
In some cases an extension .net still makes sense. You can use it if you offer internet services, networks, database hosting, email  web hosting or similar services aimed at internet business. You can even use a domain name .net, if it really suits your brand.

For instance, - a popular online design community that uses a domain extension .net for your site. It suits them because they wanted to create a network of artists, designers and companies looking for talent. Less than 4% of all registered domain names use the .net domain extension. Thus, with this domain name you will be more "exclusive".