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Started by meganiams, Nov 04, 2022, 02:42 AM

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I had to redirect my subdomain, I indicated CNAME Records in the panel, I exit - I see the inscription: your DNS is specified incorrectly. Well, I pressed it from sleep..
 Apparently, the option "domain management through our DNS for free" has been enabled - DNS has all become initial, webnicks, two A Record records for the domain and www.домена .
I deleted them, tried to change DNS to my hosting, but it wasn't there, they don't change back ..
Maybe who knows what to do? Web site is unavailable, support@webnicks is silent.


judging by the description, you have edited the domain zone file on the registrar's side, in this case, its DNS servers should really be registered, and not your hosting
, just create two entries for www and origin @ indicating the IP of your site, well, wait from 15-20 minutes to 5-8 hours (depending on the registrar) while your dances they will settle down with the ns servers.
It is recommended to use the DNS servers of the hosting provider if you do not have a permanent dedicated IP.
If you have rewritten DNS at the registrar to the hosting provider, then you need to edit it already at the hosting provider. In this case, the registrar's DNS edit becomes unavailable.


In general, a lot depends on the software installed on the virtual machine:

On servers with an installed control panel such as cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, ISPmanager, Vesta, etc., domain zone management is a built-in functionality and is often placed in a separate menu. We will not go into all the details of the settings for each panel in detail, we will only consider the two most popular of them that our users use — the ISPmanager Lite or Vesta control panel web interfaces.
ISPmanager Lite is a popular control panel for physical or virtual dedicated servers and website creation. The solution also allows you to manage database servers, mail server and other programs using a web interface. Among a number of features, this software product allows you to create web domains and manage them yourself, as well as configure and manage DNS: create domain zones, edit various types of DNS records, etc.

As for the Vesta panel, this software is no less in demand and convenient. The solution also allows you to configure and edit DNS zones for a domain, and among other useful features - working with a mail server and databases, managing and creating new sites, etc.

Programs like PowerDNS or BIND.
If you do not use web hosting control panels, you can use specialized software configuration management tools to manage domain zones. For example, install the PowerDNS or BIND program.

PowerDNS is one of the leading DNS server implementations, which is open source and supported by UNIX systems. The program also has its own web interface for managing domain zone settings.

PowerDNS allows you to get DNS information using various sources, including files, relational databases, etc. In addition, the program is often used to balance DNS traffic of highly loaded sites.

To configure the DNS server, you can use the BIND program - one of the most common implementations of the DNS server. The software is mainly used on servers running on UNIX-based systems, but there are versions for Windows-based servers as well.

This program does not have its own web interface for managing domain zone settings. But you can use additional software products instead, for example, Bind DNS Server Web interface.

The DNS server and domain zones in BIND are configured in the named.conf file. After editing the file and making all the changes to it, the named daemon requires a reboot.