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Started by BariBault, Nov 08, 2022, 02:15 AM

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The situation is simple. There is one such hosting provider, I will not name it, and now hosting was bought from him and the domain was registered there. Then hosting was no longer needed, the site moved to others.
There is a situation when the hosting service is not needed. Well, I don't need and I don't need. the money will run out, the service will be turned off. The hosting provider naturally sent warnings that the service would be deleted. That's right, the service needs to be deleted. Therefore, no worries.

And so the service is removed and the site stops working. Well, you need to go see why? The domain is paid for. We are trying to go in, not to go in. Interesting.
Okay, we'll call, we'll find out. They respond - the hosting service has been deleted. Well, that's fine with us, but how to get to the domain, then not enter the control panel.

- And you register again and transfer the domain to yourself.
- I.e. how? We don't need any data, we just register at any address and that's it?

- yes.

Registration is simple by email. We go in, click the button, enter the domain name and here it is on a new account.
That is, anyone could do it, anyone at all, without checks and everything else. Great!
I didn't go any further. But apparently, then you can fill out a questionnaire for your data, and the domain name will just be mine officially at all.
You may ask, and what's so scary about it at all?

Well, look. You register a domain with your passport data, and hire a person to maintain the site and domain. If there are any problems, then you can always return the domain, because it is on your passport.
But in this case. If you work for a person, you can pull off such a scheme.

Tell him that you will register a domain with his data. You do it on this hosting provider's web site, and he is trustworthy, has been working for a long time and is known. You show the client that everything has been done on his data and he is satisfied.

Then you work, the site is moving forward, gaining weight and price. And in the meantime, you transfer it somewhere to another hosting, it still works. And this hosting provider, interesting, everything is deleted, and you, as in my case, calmly take possession of the domain by simply registering by any email.

Of course, you can sort everything out later. But there will be a lot of troubles.


That is, it turns out that all the data on whom the domain name was originally registered is deleted.
So is it possible to take the site hostage or something?