Domain blocked for spam (we have never spammed anyone)

Started by ACKET, Jul 12, 2022, 05:41 AM

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Our domain was blocked for spam (of course, we never sent spam). This probably happened because the host was hаcked and infected with a virus. After finding warnings in the browser that it was not safe to be on our site, we alerted our hosting team and they fixed the problem somehow. We have now received a response from the registrar company that it has blocked the domain.

Explain who is responsible for the restoration of the domain? Who to contact? And who to pressure?

Thank you for your participation!


In my opinion, you need to take the domain under your own control from the registrar company, buy a new hosting at a serious company and transfer the site there.
Upload site files from your distribution.

And then talk to the spamhouse about sending spam, transferring all the arrows to your old hosting provider, saying that he did not provide proper server protection, as a result of which this incident occurred.
For your part, you guarantee normal operation and the absence of spam on the new hosting.

But first of all, check your site for viruses and malicious codes + for holes.


determine which registrar the domain is registered with (we look at the domain data in the whois service), then we register with that registrar with the same data, we provide all the necessary documents for authorizing you as a real person.
After that, we send a letter to the registrar indicating the domain name and the data on it, and also specify the data of your registered account with this registrar and ask to transfer the domain to this account.
It is possible that notarized data will be required to transfer the domain name, but it is better to contact the domain registrar himself according to the documents, since everyone has their own requirements and a set of documents.

After that procedure, you will manage and renew your domain yourself.
generally, if you can, write down what kind of hosting provider you have that blocks websites, it's very interesting (although it would be in a personal account).
Since, as many times as I faced complaints about spam, the ban of the website was the last measure when direct complaints were received from users, and web site owners did not respond to the letters of the hosting administration in any way.