Domain is blocked due to violation of the registration rules and or it using

Started by gnh73, Aug 02, 2022, 10:10 AM

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Today webnamwes blocked my two domains "Domain is blocked due to violation of the registration rules and or use of the domain name"

called them, they said that they have request from a law firm and asked to send my photo of a passport with a residence permit to confirm registration.

I sent a passport photo, domains unlocked

Can you tell me what could be next in this situation?


There will be a 100% lawsuit for using the brand or logo without permission.

That's it, that you are not an official service and will fly into you for this.

It is better to remove the information from the website, and / or put a neutral stub. there were a couple of similar requests for drops, but, apparently, due to the fact that there were no websites on the domains, no continuation followed.


Copyright infringement
Even if the site owner used someone else's trademark accidentally, without using any unfair purposes, the registrar will regard that action as a violation of intellectual property rights. This includes all cases of misuse of patents.

If the domain was purchased for promotional mailings, the registrar can also block such a domain. At the same time, it does not matter what kind of letters are sent, it can also be requests for help or an offer of services from any company. This also applies to spam on the site itself or an Internet forum.

The domain name that is used for identity theft is blocked. This item also includes those projects that offer illegal obtaining of login credentials for state and any other portals.

Farming and DNS interception
Scammers can register a domain .WEBSITE for redirecting DNS traffic. Users try to open the desired web resource, but they end up on a fake site and lose their credentials.

The spread of viruses
registrar blocks domain names that are used to spread malware infecting computers. The purpose of fraudsters in this case is also to obtain credentials, credit card information and other important information.

Creating a botnet
Domain is subject to blocking if it is used to create a botnet — a network of compromised computers running special programs.
The goals of scammers can be different — sending spam, attacking servers, selecting passwords for accounts.

Financial schemes
This includes all variants of money fraud. Users are promised a high financial profit, but first they have to make an advance payment. Having found such a site, the registrar immediately blocks it.