Domain offer letter to a potential end user

Started by glawar, Aug 18, 2022, 03:40 AM

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glawarTopic starter

Please tell me some kind of template, plan, etc. letters to a potential end user with a domain name proposal, if you have one developed or have an idea about it.
How to write in such a way that a person, even far from the domain topic, understands the value of a particular domain and the need for it)

And if the recipient does not have the competence or interest, to pass the info on to a competent person, management (if the letter is received by a secretary or some kind of admin) or, conversely, if a leader who is far from the "topic" received it, to discuss the issue with a knowledgeable specialist.
Should I list the price right away?
It will also be interesting to hear any helpful tips from professionals and "experienced" domainers.
generally, in my opinion, it is interesting and useful for discussion.


In case of cold domain sales, IMHO, you should not indicate the exact price - at least from the feedback it will be clear in general the interest in the domain from potential buyers, and it will be possible to conclude whether the domain name is needed at all or not, and not guess later (by repeating the same letter), the prices were scared or no interest at all.
Generally usual standard text. But personally, in my not the greatest experience, only one domain name was sold by spam, and that one was sold through the social network, inexpensively.
And so - in the answer silence. The rest of the buyers exited through the parking lot or whois.