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Title: Domain offer letter to a potential end user
Post by: glawar on Aug 18, 2022, 03:40 AM
Please tell me some kind of template, plan, etc. letters to a potential end user with a domain name proposal, if you have one developed or have an idea about it.
How to write in such a way that a person, even far from the domain topic, understands the value of a particular domain and the need for it)

And if the recipient does not have the competence or interest, to pass the info on to a competent person, management (if the letter is received by a secretary or some kind of admin) or, conversely, if a leader who is far from the "topic" received it, to discuss the issue with a knowledgeable specialist.
Should I list the price right away?
It will also be interesting to hear any helpful tips from professionals and "experienced" domainers.
generally, in my opinion, it is interesting and useful for discussion.
Title: Re: Domain offer letter to a potential end user
Post by: Ю-Мастер on Aug 18, 2022, 03:56 AM
In case of cold domain sales, IMHO, you should not indicate the exact price - at least from the feedback it will be clear in general the interest in the domain from potential buyers, and it will be possible to conclude whether the domain name is needed at all or not, and not guess later (by repeating the same letter), the prices were scared or no interest at all.
Generally usual standard text. But personally, in my not the greatest experience, only one domain name was sold by spam, and that one was sold through the social network, inexpensively.
And so - in the answer silence. The rest of the buyers exited through the parking lot or whois.
Title: Re: Domain offer letter to a potential end user
Post by: Emily Evans on Oct 24, 2022, 05:16 AM
The secretary will throw away your letter 100% - as well as any "trade offer", which she was not ordered to find.
You simply have no idea how many similar and inappropriate "exceptionally profitable offers" she throws out a day.. And if it doesn't, then you'll have to talk about it with their website specialist.
And their specialist probably "hates cybersquatters WHO BRAZENLY SEIZED (!!!) THEIR domain (as he believes by right only them)."

and most likely the first thing he will do is run to their lawyers with a demand from the scoundrel for a domain name.
And his lawyers will first give him a long time (ha, this time he will tell his superiors how cool and smart he is and how happy he is for the office and that he will return their honest name to them) and they will send him - they will say it's expensive, it's not clear what will come out and there is no reason at all - legally, the domain type does not contain information violating our trademark (if it exists at all properly designed).

then he will have to shut up and offer the maximum - quietly $ 200 in order to return the domain - from his s / P. because he publicly says that he screwed up and now he has to buy back for hundreds / thousands of greens what he threatened to return for free - he will not want.
the second option is to talk to the authorities. the authorities will seek advice from him, in this situation, he will most likely give out the sacramental that you can come up with another domain and take it by reg-fi, well, let it be a little crooked - but it's practically free compared to the purchase price of this - and in advertising what we write - customers will go there - like what the hell to overpay?
and in this scenario, the deal will not take place again..

in my opinion, you can really sell a domain only when the company came to you and asked. and then - the question can only be asked in order to provoke you to a sale offer and run to court with it, accusing you of cybersquatting again..
because while something is hanging on the domain that does not touch their interests, then you seem to have nothing to do with it. and once they offered to sell - then, like, you're already speculating - there is an option to cloud the judge's brain..

I do not know how best to sell a domain with the company name..
in my opinion, the first problem is that they never have money planned for this - and no one wants to offer to incur such expenses - because it drops the authority of such an employee / boss..

so - look only for a PR specialist in this company - he is the only one who, firstly, can (if he can) to appreciate just the "simplicity of sounding on the radio" - and secondly, he can really get money for this business - because it's just him who can brag about it to the management - like "here they say I'm what (what) a good fellow - I found out and inexpensive relatively (if you give him a couple of links to give lemon deals to brag) - bought such a delicious domain for us - competitors will just strangle themselves now!" - they are PRs, they know how to put their own merits in a favorable light..
besides, it is much easier to take kickbacks than the same computer scientist "who also deals with our website" - both from printing houses and from agencies conducting marketing research - and they will agree to take from you - for example, the domain is twice as expensive - but half - You then to him (her) you give it away on the sly.. 

another thing is to sell a domain name to some project - when a project is opened, money can be allocated for this, among other expenses..
I want to note that by "PR specialist" I meant exactly the person responsible for the PR of the company as a whole - that is, an advertiser/marketer - and not some kind of "Google rating", information about which for some reason comes out when you hover over this word in my message and interprets it not at all in in the sense that I wanted to put in it.