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Started by ldhsuo, Oct 28, 2022, 04:23 AM

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Studying the SIP protocol led to the understanding that it initially supports working with domain names. In particular, it is enough to create DNS records like SRV and NAPTR to tell SIP clients where to look for your telephony server.
As a result, we get the opportunity to have users like,, and make calls directly to these numbers. In particular, these numbers may match the email address.

The time when it will be possible to call any person via the Internet to his SIP URI number, as well as to a regular phone, is still far away, but already now you can get clear advantages.
Marketing component: You can advertise your company as the most focused on customer contact, and give them various ways to communicate with employees.

For instance, on an employee's business card, you can specify contacts for communication by analogy with e-mail as sip: The bonus of such a call will be bypassing the voice menu, there is no need to dial an internal number – you immediately connect with the employee you are interested in — you save your time.
You can make phone calls for free directly from your browser via WebRTC from various web services — this is an opportunity to save on paying bills for the 8 800 hotline phone. It may be convenient for many of your customers to call directly from a computer in one click through a headset, rather than dialing a number on a mobile phone.

In most cases, calls to SIP numbers are free for both parties. And they allow you to fully use the capabilities of modern telephony, for instance video communication.
It is possible to hold open conferences and seminars.


Unfortunately, due to the technological unattractiveness of the sip protocol, it will remain the lot of telephone operators, not users.
It is enough to recall how many nat bypass options there are in rtp, and the use of rtp as a transport for voice is also a dubious solution for the final unprepared user (it's one thing to give the user a customized solution, another to give him something to configure on his own.


Modern telephony provides great opportunities for call management. One of them is making calls via the Internet to a direct SIP URI number to an employee of your organization.
Such a call is free. Most modern IP phones are able to dial such an address directly or from the address book.

Suitable for whom:
The service is optimal for companies wishing to organize inexpensive direct communication with their employees. As well as anyone who is interested in increasing brand awareness.
Placing corporate SIP numbers on business cards instead of faceless digital ones is a good image move.