How to find out who owns a domain?

Started by berto, Jul 09, 2022, 01:16 AM

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There is a domain name in the .COM zone. How can I find out who owns the site under this name and for whom it is registered?
Is there such service? Or maybe through an official request?



Try any whois service. F.e.
Private person  - this is the standard issuance for a whois query.
FULL NAME of the owner and his other data are issued by the registrar only if there is request from relevant state structures such as the prosecutor's office.
The registrar is always specified. And whois also  shows the IP address of the server where the site is located.

Isaac Forman

Anyone who wants to know who is behind a website or domain name can do the appropriate search on the WHOIS directory service.

There are many of these databases with information about domains and they are updated as information about the domain is updated.
The most popular are:

These are common databases for all domain zones, but there are also whois databases for specific domain zones. For example: for .com domains

Note: If you are using the Linux OS or Mac OS operating system, you can find out information about the domain by opening the console (Terminal) and typing the command:



The essence of this service is simple: the service stores a lot of cached pages of sites.

Usage principle:

1.We go to the site
2.In the search field, enter the desired domain and press the "GO" button: if the service contains the site you are looking for, then select the date for which you want to display the page.
3.We look through the cached versions of the site pages in search of a contact email.
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Hi! I can recommend the Whois service, I have heard a lot about it. As far as I know, there is nothing complicated there. There is a verification line on the site, you will only need to enter the domain itself there, and then information about the owner of this domain will immediately appear. Good luck!


if you are using a Linux or Mac OS based OS, then you can find out the data about the domain name owner by opening the terminal (console) and simply typing the command "whois " with the domain of interest.

Search for the domain owner using Whois services
In Windows, this information is not collected by default (until you install the appropriate utility), and the most reasonable option is to find out who owns the domains through WHOIS resources.

Often, the rules of such DBs provide for the protection of personal data of site owners. additionally, relying on open information is risky: the website administrator can register a domain name under a false name.

But, most likely, you will get the opportunity to contact the owner of the resource. This can be done, firstly, with the help of the service where this domain was registered: among other information, links to the feedback form of the domain registrar are usually found. In the end, you can go to the registrar's website and manually find the domain name you need there.
Secondly, e-mails can be contained in the WHOIS database (open or encrypted). Even if the address is encrypted, you can write a letter to it, you just won't know who exactly you are writing to.
Find the field called Registrant email. Send an email to this address and it will be sent to the person who owns the domain name. Wait for an answer.

With organizations that own domain names, everything is simpler: as a rule, firms have official accounts in social networks or corporate sites where contact information is necessarily present. In the end, you can just Google the company that owns the domain by name.