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Started by Donna D. Phillips, Jul 11, 2022, 01:08 AM

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Donna D. PhillipsTopic starter

Is it worth transferring a domain to a new registrar if the current one doesn't suit you? Is it difficult?


It's easy to transfer. The main thing is to choose a good registrar.
The entire list of official registrars can be viewed on the official website of the domain coordination center. Before transferring, be sure to find out the terms of domain transfer from the registrar to which you want to transfer the domain.
Some registrars practice such a thing that you need to come personally to their office or send an application certified by a notary.


When the service company changes, the domain owner does not change. You can change the domain administrator after the end of the procedure. This can be done if:
the "Private Person" service is disabled;
more than two months have passed since registration.
To get the Authinfo code, you need to apply. After that, the transfer will be possible.

Procedure for transferring domain:
Log in to your registrar's site.
Use the transfer form available in the settings of your personal account.
Enter the domain and confirm the action.
On the next page, click "Apply for transfer".
Enter the AuthInfo code and specify information about the registrant.
On the new page, you will be able to change the DNS servers for the domain name or select the current ones.
Go to the shopping cart and renew the domain for the next year. Pay the invoice.
The application for domain name transfer will be accepted. A domain with the status "Inactive" will appear in your personal account.

A notification will be sent to your email asking you to confirm the transfer by following the link. After that, the service status will change to "PENDING_TRANSFER" in the personal account.
That means that the transfer procedure has begun.

It can last 5-10 days.