Domaining is over. Domainers must now drop the domains.

Started by xGhost, Jun 25, 2022, 03:36 AM

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Domaining is over. Domainers must now drop the domains.
Do you agree?


Ah it's fine. We get these doom and gloom threads ever so often. Usually from someone who thinks that just because it's the end of domaining days for them, it applies to everyone.

Of note always dig into an OP's post history if interested in the authenticity of their proclamations. Sometimes they just need to vent.

But yes, domaining is definitely over. Also, .com is done and web3 is a fallacy.

Chin-up OP, and what up?


Maybe domaining is over for you, but not for everyone?

Your statement doesn't necessarily apply to the domain industry itself, but to any business ventures out there.

Bad investments and decisions often lead to different phases of frustration and in this case even having an individual trying to convince an entire community with a lot of success stories that it's not worth it anymore.

What happened? How is your experience in the domain industry so far? Without any context or evidence, your statement is nothing but a personal opinion based on an unsuccessful attempt to make it.

I really don't intentionally mean to sound rude here, but taking the time to clearly explain your point of view would be beneficial for everyone reading this thread, yourself included.
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96% of the world's population lives on the Net. Thousands of diverse websites are created every day that need a unique, memorable name. And it's not as easy to come up with as it seems. As a result, demand "gave birth" to supply, turning the need of some into a goldmine for others.
And now let's take a closer look .. Domaining is the process of registering an euphonious domain name for resale without using well-known brands. You invest money, come up with (find, buy) a "cool" promising domain and sell it. If we discard the aspect of ethics and morality, such earnings are considered acceptable, since the law is not prohibited.

Cybersquatting is the registration of a domain containing not just popular words, but the name of a company, brand or trademark owned by a third party with the intent to resell. Cybersquatting is a dangerous income, as it is directly related to breaking the law. Of course, entrepreneurs try to distance themselves from the label of cyber squatters by calling themselves "domain name investors", because that concept often hides the piracy of domains and even blackmail.