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Started by hieronymusf01, Sep 21, 2022, 08:23 AM

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At this point in your domain journey, what is the biggest help you have received from anybody that has influenced your path?
For me, it was a free entry from the domaining conference, which undoubtedly became an event that changed my life. At the conference, I met some well-known domain investors and became part of several good and successful domaining groups, which helped me better plan my domain journey.


I do not consider myself a cybersquatter, since they do not intentionally register domain names identical or similar to TM, with the possible exception of brand names, these domain names are not used in any way and do not infringe on anyone's rights.
If the domain name is interesting to me, and it is free, I register it; if the domain is at an auction of releasing domain names, I bargain for it and try to win. If the domain is "abandoned" and not renewed – and I am interested in it, why should I pass by. Will you pass by an abandoned wad of money? I think not.


– In order to make money on the domains purchase and sale, either it was necessary to register good domain names ten years ago, or to be a domain expert with ten years of experience.

I often see lots being redeemed at auctions of vacated domains much higher than their real value. When they are bought by companies to create a website, it is justified, but often they are just people who want to make money on resale.
They quickly lose their invested money. I know a lot of such stories: people thoughtlessly invested money in domain names that no one is ready to buy even at cost. The renewal of registration of 10 thousand domains alone is $100K a year. It's like on the stock exchange - experienced players survive. But unlike the stock exchange, knowledge can be obtained here only by experience. There are no courses on domaining. For beginners, the domain market is almost closed, although there are exceptions.