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Started by zetta81, Jul 04, 2022, 11:34 PM

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Here is the story.
Back in 20013, our company bought a website, domain and hosting. Since no one understood this, it was decided to turn to a local host for this task.
Everything went officially, signed an agreement.
As time has shown, the prices of this hosting company are simply cosmic, but there is no service. Neither those. support, no site management, no settings, in general, there is something, but what is not clear. If something needs to be changed (for example, the password to your database), you have to write an official letter and wait about two weeks.

In general, time goes by, everything changes. And our superior manager demanded to change the site to something more serious than simple html. Moreover, he paid for the development of a new site.

The new site was not installed on our hosting, we decided to buy a new normal hosting from another host (especially since it is cheaper). Everything is fine, the site is working. Now it was just necessary to register new DNS servers on our domain.

Now the most important thing
We called our old Hosting company with a request to change the DNS server on the domain. The Hosting support replied that the domain was registered to their company, not to ours, and they would not change anything. And if we refuse their hosting, then they leave our domain to themselves and put it up for auction to competitors.

What can I do?


Read the contract, everything is written there.
If the domain is yours, then poke the hoster's nose into the contract. If not ... then, alas, he is within his rights, although it is difficult for me to imagine.


In most cases, hosting providers act as a reseller, with the exception of some offices. Most often, when registering a domain, it is required to provide the web hosting provider with a domain administrator questionnaire with passport and contact details. If you are not required to provide relevant data when registering a domain, it is better not to pay for registration.

Many hosting companies do not provide Auth-info code for domain transfer directly, but you can always get it in the registrar panel by restoring access to your domain. The necessary information will be sent to the email address specified in the domain administrator questionnaire.
Also, you can always get acquainted with the data of the domain administrator in the registrar's personal account to make sure that the domain belongs to you.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself in detail with the offer agreement, which must be provided on the official website of the web hosting provider. There should be information about the hosting responsibilities for the transfer of the domain registered through it.

If the technical support service cannot explain to you exactly and in detail the mechanism of their work by registrar partners, we recommend changing the hosting to a more reliable and proven one.

What to do in case of domain loss
Very often it happens that users who have bought a domain do not comply with certain terms of the contract and lose their domain irrevocably. You can't argue with anyone here, because all actions take place according to the law.
But it also happens when unscrupulous domain registrars steal their property from buyers. In that case, the deceived users will be helped by a unified policy for resolving domain disputes, which concerns out-of-court procedures and a specific policy for resolving such situations.

Disputes are considered in special arbitration bodies. This procedure does not require a long time, differs from court proceedings in its cheapness and is convenient for both parties.

Domain thieves pursue various goals in their business, but most often it is illegal enrichment. There are situations when thieves offer the former owner to buy from them a domain that previously belonged to him. Most organizations agree and quietly buy their domain name back. Also, kidnappers can steal domains for the purpose of espionage or damage to the reputation and image of the owner.

That is why you should follow all the recommendations and be extremely careful when registering domains to avoid losing your property.
I recommend that you register domains separately from web hosting with a special registrar In that way, a lot of problems can be avoided.

And also, be sure to respond to all emails that come from the registrar about your domain, for instance, with a request to confirm your data. Sometimes blockages occur due to the fact that the owner's data is not confirmed.