How can I recognize about domain names have registered on particular date?

Started by Valentin12, Aug 09, 2022, 08:54 AM

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Valentin12Topic starter

Dear sirs, my field is content marketing and all my previous experience has been connected with so-called certification bodies (organizations that undrtake confirmity assessment to international standards). Misfortunes in searching new clients push me to a serious speculation on searching methods topic. I think that new bisinesses begin with registering new domain names and developing lending page or web-sites with them. So, if I would have information about domain names, which were connected with certification by theme and have been registered today, yesterday, all that have left for me to call domain owners and suggest unique content for their empty web-sites. Pandits, do you know how can I assort newly registered domain names with paing attention to theme? My searches led  me to whois-services of domain registrars, but lists I saw didn't afford to select new domains, thow, each domain had telephon number of its owner :)