How can I recognize about domain names have registered on particular date?

Started by Valentin12, Aug 09, 2022, 08:54 AM

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Dear sirs, my field is content marketing and all my previous experience has been connected with so-called certification bodies (organizations that undrtake confirmity assessment to international standards). Misfortunes in searching new clients push me to a serious speculation on searching methods topic. I think that new bisinesses begin with registering new domain names and developing lending page or web-sites with them. So, if I would have information about domain names, which were connected with certification by theme and have been registered today, yesterday, all that have left for me to call domain owners and suggest unique content for their empty web-sites. Pandits, do you know how can I assort newly registered domain names with paing attention to theme? My searches led  me to whois-services of domain registrars, but lists I saw didn't afford to select new domains, thow, each domain had telephon number of its owner :)


When thinking about which domain name to choose, you need to understand that there are a huge number of options. But if you are wondering about effective SEO promotion of a resource, the area of choice will noticeably narrow and you will have to consider only a few solutions.
And the main role here is played by the domain zone or the domain of the first level. The quality of SEO promotion will depend on the correctness of his choice. The fact is that search engines perceive domain zones differently, which affects their output of search results.

To conduct high-quality SEO promotion, you should consider the following factors:

the exact choice of the domain name zone corresponding to the region where you plan to do business;
a simple and memorable domain name without complex combinations;
domain history — search engines trust domains that exist on the network for a long time more. Keep this in mind when choosing between a new and an existing domain, but not used by the old owner.
Taking into account these factors guarantees effective promotion of the site in search engines, an increase in the number of its visitors, and an increase in conversion.