How do you reach domain owners now?

Started by AMGH, Jun 20, 2022, 12:59 PM

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With new privacy laws, WHOIS websites are becoming merely tools to check expiration dates. No contact information is present. If we're lucky, we can see a masked forwarding e-mail address.

So in this new age without Whois information, how do you find the contact information for the names? Or do you rely on forms like GoDaddy that offer no way to message a seller?



there is a difference between a domain owner and a domain that's for sale

by that i mean,
say you reach the domain owner, but the name is not for sale

however, if the name is for sale, then it should be listed somewhere.

i'd start by typing the domain in address bar, then from there maybe search sedo, afternic and other venue listings.
if nothing turns up, and i was really interested....
then i'd give domainagents a buzz.



The easiest and most effective way is to use the so-called WHOIS services. These are free directories that contain information about the domain name owner. This information can be either private or open for public access.

Popular services:;

If the information is closed, then you will not see the name of the owner, in this column it will be written "Private Person" (Private Person). But, most likely, there will still be an opportunity to contact.
Firstly, through the service on which the domain name was registered. As a rule, among other information, you can find a link to the feedback form through the domain registrar. You can also go to the registrar's website yourself and enter the desired domain.

Secondly, an email address can be left in plain or encrypted form. In the latter case, it will not prevent you from sending a letter, but you will not know the real address of the owner.
If the owner is a company, then everything can be even simpler. Companies usually have official sites or pages in social networks, where contact information should be for sure.
In addition, you can learn more about the company by typing its name in the search. You never know what will come up in the end.