How to buy a domain name correctly?

Started by HarshMehra, Jul 22, 2022, 04:49 AM

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HarshMehraTopic starter

My plan is to purchase a website for the first time. To ensure a smooth transfer of the domain, I have been considering how to do so correctly through GoDaddy registrar.

The seller has proposed to transfer the domain under my account management, but I am unsure if this is a safe option since the seller will still be the domain administrator. There may be potential risks, like in a year the seller could submit an application to regain control over the domain.
I wonder if it's worth going through with this kind of transfer at all. Overall, I'm curious about standard procedures for selling domains.

Donna D. Phillips

Are you purchasing just the domain, or the domain along with the website?
If it's only the domain, the process is straightforward. However, if the website is included, you will need to ensure that all files and databases are transferred safely. In such a case, an intermediary may be needed, and there are dedicated exchanges for selling websites available.


In most cases, the domain zone is not geographically linked. However, some domain zones are exclusive to citizens or registered companies of a particular state, such as MO for Macau, NO for Norway, and MA for Morocco. My initials happen to align with MA, which I find appealing. Other zones like AERO, TRAVEL, PRO, JOBS have limited access to select individuals or groups.

 Additionally, there are domains like TEL that do not require hosting, and can function as a website and domain name in one. There have been attempts by companies like INTEL and SUN to create their custom domain zones, but this option is typically only feasible for larger corporations. It's worth noting that the writing method for domains is read from right to left, starting with the zone, followed by the domain name, and then the third-level domain name.
This structure also poses a risk for phishing activities.


When purchasing a website and transferring a domain, it's important to approach the process with caution and consider potential risks. One common method for transferring a domain is through the registrar, such as GoDaddy.

However, if you are concerned about the seller retaining control as the domain administrator, it may not be the ideal situation for you. In such cases, you can negotiate with the seller to transfer the domain to a neutral third-party registrar or establish clear terms and conditions for the transfer.

Standard procedures for selling domains typically involve transferring ownership either through the registrar or by changing the domain's administrative contact information. It's essential to ensure that you establish exclusive control over the domain after the transfer is complete to avoid any potential risks in the future.

Additionally, you should consider performing due diligence on the domain by checking its history, reputation, and any potential legal or technical issues before proceeding with the purchase.


To ensure a smooth transfer of a domain when purchasing a website, follow these steps:

  • Use a reputable escrow service for the transaction.
  • Verify domain ownership with the seller.
  • Initiate the transfer process from your GoDaddy account.
  • Create your own GoDaddy account if needed.
  • Obtain the domain's authorization code from the seller.
  • Complete the transfer process following GoDaddy's instructions.
  • Update the domain's contact information with your own details.

I hope this will help you.