How to protect domain name copyrights?

Started by Nizam18, Aug 28, 2022, 09:10 AM

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Nizam18Topic starter

I'm going to register a domain name or several domains for a company and I want to immediately take care of getting everything right so that later I can protect the copyright on the domain. How can I do that? What is required for this?
Maybe someone had a similar experience?
How much does it cost and how does it actually work?

And with a lawyer who had experience in these cases, I want to consult.


I think it's enough to have registered TM, if it exists.
And so, the key to success is in the correct data in the registrar's questionnaire, if the domain name goes to double-check the data - so that you can provide them.
also register, just in case, possible spellings of the name in the zone where your main domain will be well, it would be nice to take a couple of neighboring zones with the same domain name if the mood of course is serious.

I also think that the best way is to keep the rights to the domain name, it is to pay for it from your Mastercard / visa bank card to your real passport data, and save the date of this banking transaction.


The best way to protect your domain name is to register it as a trademark. In this case, you may receive compensation. And as far as I know, registration of two identical domain names is prohibited.