how we can promote our car service related business by using seo tools?

Started by Rozanareadyassist, Oct 10, 2022, 04:25 AM

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how we can promote our car service related business by using seo tools?


In order for the car service to become competitive, web site brought visitors and converted them into customers, I recommend implementing a number of fairly obvious chips for all SEO specialists and marketers, but not obvious to the customers themselves. These include:

An online diagnostic and/or repair record form that follows the user when scrolling so that the user can submit a request at any time.
A form for writing reviews on the service pages and the customer reviews themselves. This will help users evaluate the level of the auto repair shop and the quality of service. The main thing is not to forget to ask your customers to leave feedback on the services performed on the site page. And one more thing: all forms always attract spammers, so do not publish reviews without prior moderation, otherwise at some point you may find out that you are referring to half of the Internet from reviews.

A blog with which you can increase traffic to website for information requests.
The scheme of travel to the station in the form of interactive Google maps or Yandex. This is really convenient for a potential client, since on the one hand it testifies to the reality of the car service, and on the other hand it facilitates the route to it.
Additional blocks with phone numbers that you can click and call or order a call.

Photos and videos of the repair process. Increases visitors' confidence in the procedure of rendering services. Photos and videos must be real, made in high quality. If you steal them from competitors, they may complain about you.
Online calculation of the service. An expensive feature that will become a feature of your site and help the visitor calculate the cost of the service he needs.
But here it is worth noting that not all services can be implemented this way.

An up-to-date price list that every visitor can refer to and subjectively evaluate the cost of services. It is important not to be afraid to give prices, even if they are not obvious without diagnostics. Give at least a range or starting price for the service ("price from").
This is a very important moment for Central Asia. In addition, do not forget that in this topic there are whole blocks of queries with the word "price", "cost", which are really important, and it will be problematic and not logical to implement them without showing at least some prices.