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Started by Klesk666, Jul 01, 2022, 07:22 AM

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I know long domains are not valuable. But at what point do people say "forget it - there's no way this is going to worth a single dime".
I realize there's probably not going to be a consensus but just wondering what the conventional wisdom may be.


For me there are 2 ways to see the thing:
the first is the sales way: The small - The best. Then, all dictionnary or good small combination.
The second is the Business way: i missed lately needhosting.com. Not the best name for a main domain name, but surely an excellent one to operate a redirection thru a main website. do you hear me?

At last, there is always funny guys who are trying to sell: thebestdomainnameeverregistered.com. They also have a value, i would say search engine and idiots can find then easy, but for targeted custommer it is a nightmare to remember.....
Your choice. Hope it can help.
I would like a 2 letters domain name....
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There isnt' an exact cutoff point. A few other factors go into it, like how easy is it to say, does it flow well, are the words easy to spell. Depends on your purpose and what words you choose in your domain.

For instance, I would be more inclined to develop with the domain qualitydrinkingwater.com than 4qw.com

But in general (not as a rule) I would search for good sounding domains under 15 characters.
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Hi! It seems to me that short names, if composed correctly, convey the essence of the site very well. 5 characters should be enough here, but in my opinion it is better to make names in which the full key will be present.


The number of characters that your domain will consist of directly affects how it will be perceived and, most importantly, remembered by other people. A simple rule applies here: the shorter the domain name, the better.
At the same time, if you choose a very short domain name, for instance, an abbreviation, then it can be too difficult to read and remember.
However, you should not choose a very long domain either – it is better if the site address consists of 10-12 characters.

Correct abbreviations
If you chose a suitable domain , but it turned out to be longer than the maximum indicated above, then it will need to be shortened. Choose logical abbreviations and avoid non-obvious ones, as well as slang or other words that will be incomprehensible to the main audience (and even more so to search engines).

Using keywords and associative words
You can also choose a domain name based on keywords and associative words. This option is good for several reasons. First, this is a serious advantage for promotion in search engines – Google can show your website on the first lines if the domain name coincides with a key request.

Of course, do not think that the domain is the main reference point for search engines – dozens of different factors play a role in ranking. However, choosing a domain name according to keywords will be the right decision if you expect to receive stable traffic from search engines.

The second reason why you should choose keywords or associative words for your domain is that such domain names are easier to remember. This is especially important if you have a specific field of activity or some special words, terms that are understandable to your target audience.


It seems to me that the domain should still not be too long and easy to remember. If the user remembers the domain, he will be able to get to the site not by key queries through a browser search, but directly at the site address - which will increase the chance of going to your site, and not to your competitor's site.


I made an experiment - when I created new forums, I took names of different lengths without meaning and long names, but having informational meaning. The latter won. People want to register on forums that have a meaning in the names.