Most gainful Months For Domainers

Started by Kovtalo, Jul 02, 2022, 02:45 AM

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KovtaloTopic starter

Hello everyone, I detected a drop in my parked domain names perspectives on the grounds that the start of June.
I'm thinking while have to I assume more "actions" (manner views, price requests, offers, sales).

I wager it is from January until May and September/December.

But you probable understand already better than me ;)

So this is the motive of this poll!

Let's discover together


You should not be expecting.
simply be given what is...

otherwise, you may be upset whilst expectancies are not reached.



Investing in domain names is a simple concept, but once you get into it, a lot will change.

Basically, investing in a domain name means buying domains and then selling them for more than you bought them. Domain investors look for domains that match their investment criteria, buy the names, and then sell the domains to other domain investors or people who want to use the domains for a website.
Investing in a domain name is not a one-time thing. As with investing in real estate, it is important to constantly update your inventory.

Domain investors have different views on the sale of domain names. Some stick to high prices and sell very few domains. Others focus on sales volume and constantly reinvest profits in more domains.
One thing all domain investors will tell you is that dominance can be fascinating. When you sell a domain name with a big profit, there is a big  excitement.