Most ridiculous domain names

Started by Jeoffroi, Nov 10, 2022, 04:57 AM

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The famous website of the Estonian kindergarten has a proud name, and the Institute of Experimental Biology in the same place in Estonia is located at not quite a decent address for our eyes and ears .
Even more the e-mail of the institute is indecent, according to which it is proposed to contact the main page of the site.

Website а created by The American Nihilist Underground Society.
 On the website , which produces chemical reagents, flaunts the Welcome to Dermo inscription, which cannot but cause a smile among Russian-speaking Internet users. And at the address there is a website of tourist services - there, for example, you can order a ticket.

A French telecommunications company has chosen an original address for its website - . The company is called MiNet. The German manufacturer of mosquito nets also does not sound like the name of its website in Russian - .


Here are some more strange domain names: — a website dedicated to the production of custom pens to order. Alas, at the first reading, something else comes to mind... — the paper clip for IT somehow miraculously turned into "Its crap", although the original site looked quite presentable. — a database for finding talented sales agents for those who know the translation of the English word "whore" sounds extremely ridiculous.

Expertsе — the exchange of contacts of experts in a certain field can magically be perceived as a site for the exchange of a little different. By the way, there are often incidents with the word "exchange" in domain names. — website of a French gardener with many years of experience. Alas, Dave Robins, a Frenchman by nationality, hardly tried to translate the phrase "lеsbian cages" from English. And I could open a store for the production of wooden cages with a completely different bias. —  Actually, the site is dedicated to this direction. — website for finding a qualified therapist...  It is regrettable that the person registering the domain name for him did not think that the consonance of the words "the rapist" — "rapist" and "therapist" — "therapist" in combination with "finder" could play a cruel joke. By the way, there is also its analogue — a site where the best compositions were stored in the appropriate format. In fact, not everyone understood that Mp3 in the domain name is indicated in the singular. Judging by the name, instead of "the best music" it turned out the opposite. — a search guide to Spain strangely offers the visitor to "choose your pain. — "paradise for old people" can magically be read as "shaved old man".

xerbotdev — this is not an island of penises, but just a website that sells fountain pens. — it won't help you find whores, but just a celebrity search. Very subtle.
expertsе — for some reason, the community of programmers was specified as the domain "expert on gender reassignment".
Website а Owned by American Nihilists from the American Nihilist Underground Society