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Started by dasiydan88, Sep 15, 2022, 10:47 AM

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It doesn't mean it doesn't make me money. It. But this is no feat.
Although it has a better return on domain investment than some of the other items I currently have.

That doesn't mean it takes up a lot of my time. It wasn't-or at least it isn't anymore. I've sorted things out. If I wanted to, I could spare 30 minutes a day. Or take a vacation for 3 weeks - completely, if I want.

This does not mean that I will no longer own domain names. I'm some kind of my best. Others? I'll probably destroy or let them fall.
One of the most frequent posters in the sales topic: You didn't see it coming from me, did you?
But I have reasons to think about it. I'm sharing my thoughts, please change your mind. Or not.


At one of the Internet forums of cybersquatters (domainers), as a counterargument to the negative attitude towards domaining, it was argued that that activity leads to an increase in the number of domain name registrations, and therefore to the development of  Internet zone.

In response, an analogy can be drawn between the actions of cybersquatters (domainers) and the activities of theater ticket speculators who buy tickets to popular performances at the theater box office in order to resell them at exorbitant prices before the start of the performance.

Does such activity develop anything?
That only leads to the enrichment of the speculator and, possibly, the cashier, who is in collusion with him. An analogy is also appropriate with persons who take a queue at some institution or organization for the purpose of its subsequent "resale" to those who are willing to pay in order to get into the coveted power cabinet as soon as possible.

This activity also leads only to the enrichment of such benefactors and officials associated with them, but does not bring any benefit to the public interests.
In both cases, those engaged in such activities do not create or develop anything new, but only parasitize the existence of high demand and legitimate interest of applicants.

Returning to the topic of the usefulness of the activities of domainers, it should be said that in fact this activity leads only to an increase in the number of registrations and, accordingly, to an increase in the income of domain name registrars, as well as sometimes to an increase in the income of domainers themselves, when the copyright hold.

Thus, the change of the name of the activity from "cybersquatting" to "domaining" did not lead to a change in the content and, as before, such activity is, if in some cases formally and not illegal, then, of course, unfair and contrary to the legitimate interests of society.

The stated point of view is just one of several existing on this topic. If you are engaged in domaining at a professional level, the results can be quite impressive.
At one time, when I was still a beginner, I also took up domaining. As a result, out of 50-60 domain names that I came up with and registered:

for today, I "hold" 3 pieces,
domains with stubs — 14 pieces,
net sale — 5 domains,
sold a domain with a website — 6,
refused the rest of the domain names.


Domaining market cannot be taken by beauty and convenience. We need new approaches in creativity and advertising.
Since targeted advertising on social media is indicative in assessing the virality of any project, there were few responses even from here.

Process of creating something can be more pleasant than the result. I got pretty high while I was developing domain names and writing descriptions for them (just look at the catalog). This is honest, sincere, and it is unlikely that you will find such descriptions anywhere else (this is not for the sake of bragging).

When you get rid of your creativity and are already tired of slapping yourself on the shoulder, but from the outside you look like another pathetic cybersquatter who has registered every hipster illiquid and prevents normal business from working.