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Started by siyajoshi, Jul 08, 2022, 11:58 AM

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siyajoshiTopic starter

I collected several  domains similar to popular sites, and I'm interested in the possibility of monetizing them.
There is traffic about 500-1000 visitors per month. Tell me, please, what are the options.

Who deals with such domains, how effective is it and what are the "pitfalls"?


500-1000 is not enough.
This is about 30 per day, or less, of which half are not people, just smart bots that are detected as people.
Another part is the ubiquitous SEOs and other marketers. And some more from all sorts of countries from where traffic is not converted and is not paid in the context. What remains? Crumbs.

It is necessary from 8000-10000 per month, then you can get something. Bucks 200 will be a month. But not at once. In a year.

Of course it depends on the theme of domains.

You can also install CPA / PPA affiliate programs, test, loans on many different topics.
And they won't approve domains in the parking lot for you. 
There are many advertising aggregators, but every second scammer. You will work through them, and six months later, before payment, you will be banned)


I am in the same situation. The main job does not leave me time to engage in my own projects, for which I have acquired beautiful domain addresses, and it is sad to spend money on extension.
You should understand that renting out domain names can lead to the fact that they will fall into all sorts of blacklists and filters, which will put an end to their further use.
From the "safe" only placement of ad blocks, and then...

I'm not going to sell.
Look at it from the other side. We may simply not live to see all the projects implemented, or we may live to see the Internet banned.
In the end, I just estimated the profit that I planned to extract on the domain names and put them up for auction for this amount.

Zhoshua Adrian

More or less normal affiliate networks (namely, networks, not partners) work with partners who can provide traffic of 250 - 500 people per day (not unique, although they sometimes want unique ones), and this is for a second from 8,000 visitors per month. From the monetization possibilities, with 500 visitors you won't make much of a mess, but I suggest monetizing traffic through viewing banner ads (only viewing without interactions) and, perhaps, renting space on the site itself. Everything else will be of no use, because you most likely have from 0 to 2% of visitor interaction with the site.