I need to buy a domain in the .cash or .net zone

Started by maxikk, Jul 10, 2022, 02:32 AM

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Good day! I need to buy a domain in the .cash or .net zone
Do I need a proof of identity?

2) Is it possible to enter non-existent data? What are the risks (practice), how often do requests for confirmation of identity documents take place?

Nothing illegal, just a blockchain project (risky), I would not like publicity yet.

3) Advise the registrar who accepts the crypto, and the prices are good.


When registering a domain, you must provide valid data. If you don't, you're breaking the rules. As a result, the domain may be blocked, and you are unable to use it.

Therefore, you were told correctly - registration incorrect data is a risky business. We have already seen more than one site owner whose domain was revoked and he runs around with the question "what to do now?". Already nothing.

Regarding the question of practice - it is common, but not template. There is no such thing that, for example, every 5 years is checked. You can get into the field of view in different directions , after which identification can be requested.

And, yes, you also asked if docks are needed - they are not needed directly during registration, if they ask for identification, they will be needed.

Gabriel Evans

When buying a domain, you do not need to present official documents, but I do not recommend creating fake accounts, because in order to spread your influence on the Internet, you will need to present your face. And it's harder to promote a brand from a fake.

However, if we are talking about running a business, especially related to coins (blockchain, etc.), then you will need to buy a certificate, which means that you will need to provide a document.

There are many registrars that accept crypto, I will name those with whom I worked:
netcetera.co.uk - accept cards and crypts (at least bitcoin). The firm is physically located in the UK.
njalla.com is a Swedish company. Accepts a large number of coins.
EasyDNS.com - you can purchase both hosting and a domain. I know for sure that they accept LiteCoin.
iDotz.net is a registrar giant that works with most coins. You can buy everything that is somehow connected with hosting.


In most domain name zones, no documents are needed to register a domain. But there is a mandatory requirement — the information specified in the registration form must be complete and reliable. This is, one that can be documented. After all, the registrant (owner) will be the one who was indicated (an individual, a legal entity).
The title document, according to the Civil and Economic Codes, are the relevant public and business contracts and payment documents.

The legal nature of "ownership" of a domain in international legislation is still not clearly defined. The opinions of experts in the field of Internet law are divided.
Some believe that a domain is property, and the rights to domain names are absolute property rights. Others say that since the rights to a domain name arise on the basis of an agreement with the registrar, they are relative when the owner's right is limited by an agreement with the registrar.

On the one hand, such a division of opinion entails contradictory judicial practice, on the other hand, it is a driving force in the search for an optimal legal position.