Received a letter from USA lawyers

Started by carldweb, Jul 09, 2022, 03:08 AM

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Today I received a letter from lawyers demanding to transfer domains to them.

What we have:
1. Domains and FR was registered in 2010 and hosted as tourist goods store. Subsequently, the project was abandoned and given over to the sale of links.
2. In 2015, there was an attempt to revive the store on a new engine and with a new design on a new domain of the same name. There are practically no sales in the store.
3. I checked all the information from the letter - indeed TM is registered, they have a half-dead page on FB, they do not conduct activities.
4. The most interesting thing is that TM is registered to this "lawyer's office", the contact person is the same woman who signed the letter. I looked at the site of the office - some kind of rotten one on Wordpress.

It seems that in the event of a dispute, my main arguments can be the primary and long-standing registration of the store in the FR zone and the fact that the site on COM is a mirror. And also the fact that the store operates only on the territory of the France.

On the other hand, I don't really need a domain, because. there is no time to engage in the promotion of the store on it. But I don't want to just give it to the others.

Accordingly, the questions are:
Can they theoretically claim the domain if they already have the same one in the com zone, but without the hyphen? TM is also without a hyphen.
What is the probability of releasing a domain through UDRP?
What theoretically (and practically) can be shaken from them for a domain?


Domains registered in 2010, trademark in 2014.
What the owner of this trademark wants to do is called Reverse domain hijacking. When registering the domain, the trademark did not exist and you did not violate anything.
So write to them.


If you got it just by reg.fee, and this domain name does not represent much value (for you), then sell it to them.

If it is exactly as you describe, then they will not take it away from you in any way.
These are their problems, not yours. If you don't use their TM and didn't take their texts, sleep well. If you fucked up.. overslept the domain name, so they didn't need the website or hung just like a hobby, well, or just want to breed.