Scam network taken down

Started by nick_sinigamy, Jun 28, 2022, 03:37 AM

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nick_sinigamyTopic starter

After someone tried to scam me via Flippa, I decided to take down the site. From there I took down 54 other sites all linked to them.
I'm sure there are hundreds more. However, a lot of these sites are listed on Namepros as having been used to or tried to scam people.

If someone scammed you using one, be safe in the knowledge the sites are gone for good.
Here's the list:

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I'm just happy that only a minority of people fall for these things. I have faith that most people with a reasonable education (or even streetwise) know bs when they see it


Good job.

I'm interested in how exactly you took down the site. Who did you report it to?

And how did you find out his other sites?

I think this info would be helpful to others.