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Started by arthyk, Aug 23, 2022, 06:12 AM

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So my friend decided to start his own online store and everything is ready - a website, a catalog of goods, even a small client base. But there is a problem with choosing a domain name. After the search for the most suitable names, it turned out that all of them are occupied, although there are several satisfactory ones, but at a price of > 200Є. Should he spend money on the "original" domain name? After all, the project is still raw  ::) ...

Gareth Freeman

A domain name for an online store should not be as unique as it should be competitive. What I mean? I'm talking about easy SEO and fast recognition. For example, the name of the store is "sun" and "sun on Friday". Which do you think is easier to remember and easier to adapt? The answer is the second. So, as for me, it's better to pay $200 for a unique name than to suffer from a lack of sales later.


What should be the domain name for an online store?
Before analyzing the ways to select a domain name for a commercial website, consider the key requirements. Therefore, the name should be:

simple (preferably from one or two words);
short (preferably less than 15 characters);

The perfect domain is easy to pronounce and write down. Experts recommend the following experiment: dictate the selected domain name by phone. If the interlocutor writes it down correctly – congratulations, you have chosen a simple and understandable name for the store.

If you already have a unique name, register the domain as early as possible. Even if the site is still in development.
No need to wait for something - the idea can be intercepted. And it is possible that a similar name will come to someone else's mind.
Especially hurry up to buy a domain if you have checked its availability on the registrar's web site. Why? Because:

the invoice issued by the registrar does not guarantee that the domain cannot be registered through another registrar;
they buy domains similar to those recently acquired.
In connection with the last point, we recommend that you provide for all possible interpretations of the domain and also register them.
For example, if your domain , then it is better to book an interpretation as well . And if there are opportunities to buy all the free similar names in the main domain name zones (, etc.). Why? This will prevent attackers from manipulating the name of your store. They will not be able to create duplicates, mirrors, stubs and implement other fraudulent schemes.

When registering, think about the future. If you do not exclude the entry of the business into the foreign market – register the name simultaneously in the international domain zone.
If you are targeting the international market, always think about how the domain name of the online store sounds in other languages.
Avoid ambiguous abbreviations and translation errors to avoid something like . Literally translated it sounds like "auction shit".


I think it's worth looking for more options - it's unlikely that his topic is so popular. In general, of course, it is good to use some key queries for the name, but if it does not work with them, you can take almost any word, the main thing is that it is easy to remember it.