The oldest domain names in your collection

Started by rajeshmehra615, Aug 05, 2022, 04:19 AM

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rajeshmehra615Topic starter

I would like to know friends, what are the reserves of domains, which, as you know, only get better with age ...

for example, I had 1997 in my collection, sold,
only one left
huge-images_com created May 11, 1998

Share what old people have? You don't have to upload everything, just choose the oldest one.


I have YALDEX_COM since 2004. Still working


I have one relatively old left in 2002 and, in combination, the last of the portfolio - However, he is also one of the first. I bought it here for registration fee.
Domains, as a hobby, have long faded into the background, but I am extending that one.


on nameprŠ¾s a couple of months ago, one person was looking for some domain before 1991, with a budget of 7 grand bucks.
I don't know if he found it now, he didn't follow the topic, but when I saw that topic, the person was already looking for some time and couldn't find anything.