The site was banned at the request of the state regulator. Need advice.

Started by Ronny, Aug 26, 2022, 01:40 PM

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Site - in the Russian Federation, banned by the hoster to the letter roskomnadzor, I think to unban it in the fastest possible time no chance.
The site is on Beget hosting.
I registered a new domain and redirect, but since the whole site is banned at the hoster level, the redirect does not work. What can I do? Well, preferably quickly, while all the positions in search results are not dropped.


And who is the registrar? If possible, redirect the registrar.
Or hang the domain on CloudFlare and there to configure 301 redirect to the desired domain.

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Quote from: _AnnA_ on Aug 27, 2022, 12:37 AMOr hang the domain on CloudFlare and there to configure 301 redirect to the desired domain.

Can you elaborate? And what is the price of the issue?
Actually, I found no special rules.
Now I'm transferring a domain and used these rules:*:$1

But so far it has not worked.


Quote from: Ronny on Aug 26, 2022, 01:40 PMWhat can I do?

With such a ban do not redirect. And for users to find, create an identical domain with the addition of the numbers, then users will be able to find the new address in the output. To be sure, you can somewhere else write that the new domain of the site so-and-so.


Quote from: Ronny on Aug 27, 2022, 02:18 AMCan you elaborate? And what is the price of the issue?

At the registrar to change the DNS hosting on CloudFlare, as well as linking the domain to CloudFlare. By the way, if you banned the hoster, you can just change hosting.

CloudFlare - it will be enough of a free plan.


How will it be possible to bypass the blocking of the "sovereign Internet"?
This is unknown because there is still little clarity about exactly how the sovereign Internet will work and when it will be deployed.
From a philosophical point of view, however, it can be said that blocking and bypassing them is as endless and meaningless a race as the rivalry of armor and projectiles. Any truly difficult to bypass method of blocking will cause a huge blow to the rest of the Internet services, including government.
Even the "great Chinese firewall" is not so difficult to bypass, and its relative effectiveness is due to the fact that the internal ecosystem of the Chinese Internet is so large and filled with its own convenient services that users simply do not have much motivation to go beyond it.

The US Broadcasting Board of Governors (the trustee of the media receiving funding from the US Congress in other countries, including Radio Liberty) posted links to a set of such tools on a specially created Bypass Censorship website.
It includes six free apps:

Tor is a browser that passes user traffic through a distributed system of proxy servers managed by volunteers around the world and allows you to establish an anonymous network connection.

Psiphon is an application using VPN technology. Psiphon-the client automatically learns about the new access point to maximize the chances of circumventing censorship, but does not provide anonymity.

Orbot is a proxy application.

Orfox is an analog of the Tor browser that passes user traffic through a chain of servers located in different countries. Works only on Android.

FreeBrowser is an Internet browser with a built–in blocking bypass system that does not require additional configuration. It is used to overcome censorship by Chinese users. Android only.

Lantern is a distributed blocking bypass system that uses network connections of other application users in different countries.