Through whom is it better to register SSL?

Started by xerbotdev, Nov 18, 2022, 01:22 AM

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Through whom it is better to register an SSL certificate.
I choose between / (free of charge) or (which is the cheapest).

It is confusing to be free, as there is no trust in it.


Firstly, there is no point in being embarrassed about being free in this case. See who are the organizers and sponsors of the Let's Encrypt project.
There's a table of logos right on the main page. But it should be understood that this project is designed more for those people who usually do not buy SSL certificates and make their own small projects. That is, its task is to cover with encryption those projects that currently do not encrypt connections.
But then it is worth noting, for example, that they have not yet decided to issue a wildcard (the reason).
And keep in mind that their certificates are issued for 3 months and they need to be updated (this is done automatically by CRON, for example).

Secondly, digicert - this is not the best choice of a place to get certificates. It is better to choose other CA or resellers. For example, GoGetSSL has very inexpensive paid certificates.
Also, often free or inexpensive certificates are given when buying a domain or separately by different registrars ( , ).

UPD: Let's Encrypt already issue Wildcard certificates. Coupled with such things as where work with DNS of a heap of providers is supported, everything has become much easier.


For now, it's best through startssl
LetsEncrypt is funny, but its client is raw, and without a client there is no way to issue a certificate. Third-party clients are also raw.

Excellent working certificates for free from the Chinese