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Started by siyajoshi, Jul 08, 2022, 11:58 AM

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siyajoshiTopic starter

I have compiled a list of domains that are similar to popular sites, and I am curious about their potential for monetization.
These domains receive between 500-1000 visitors each month. Can you advise me on who typically handles such domains, how effective this strategy is, and what potential drawbacks there may be?


500-1000 visitors per month is not a sufficient amount of traffic. This equates to approximately 30 visitors per day, of which half are bots that are falsely identified as people. Additionally, there are SEOs, marketers, and traffic from countries where conversions and payments are unlikely. Ultimately, the remaining traffic amounts to very little.

To make a reasonable profit, you need about 8000-10000 visitors per month. With this amount of traffic, you can earn around $200 per month. However, this won't happen overnight - it could take up to a year to achieve this level of traffic.

The success of monetization also depends on the content of the domains. You may consider installing CPA/PPA affiliate programs, testing loans, or exploring different topics. However, domains in parking lots will not be approved for this kind of monetization. There are many advertising aggregators, but many of them are scammers. If you choose to work with them, there is a risk of being banned before receiving payment.


I am facing a similar situation. My full-time job doesn't allow me to dedicate time to my personal projects, which includes some beautiful domain names that I don't want to let go of by renewing them every year.

It's important to consider the risk of blacklisting and filters when renting out domain names, which could hinder their future use. The only safe option is to place ad blocks, but even then there are limitations.

I have decided not to sell my domains. Instead, I view them as potential investments that may not be realized in my lifetime or may be subject to future internet regulations. I have estimated the profit potential and set up an auction for interested buyers to purchase them at my desired price.

Zhoshua Adrian

More or less normal affiliate networks (namely, networks, not partners) work with partners who can provide traffic of 250 - 500 people per day (not unique, although they sometimes want unique ones), and this is for a second from 8,000 visitors per month. From the monetization possibilities, with 500 visitors you won't make much of a mess, but I suggest monetizing traffic through viewing banner ads (only viewing without interactions) and, perhaps, renting space on the site itself. Everything else will be of no use, because you most likely have from 0 to 2% of visitor interaction with the site.