Uniregistry Domain Parking (from the creators of DNS - Domain Name Sales)

Started by ilhm, Jul 26, 2022, 12:25 PM

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I keep my domains at Uniregister parking lot. Very cool service.

The possibilities are:

You can directly search according to the buyer's data:

1. By name - in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn;

2. By email - in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn;

3. By phone - in Google or directly call the buyer via Skype.

Search by IP address is the de facto standard for all parking lots.

When adding domains, you can directly estimate the cost through Estibot, one or a package of domains.

Moreover, there is a chart with a trend on requests.

Uniregister is the best domaining service I have ever seen. Made by domainers for domainers. IMHO.


This registrar is ambitious, sometimes they send letters with a proposal to transfer everything to them. New tigers breathe in the back of the old men.

Within 9 months after joining to them, 5 domains were sold for a total of $ 14,196, after a commission of 11,000 minus the cost of domains = a total of 10,300 net.


Uniregistry is integrated with DomainNameSales, another F.Schilling resource for buying and selling domains.
On Uniregistry Market, you can put up a domain name for sale, and use either Uniregistry services as a guarantor of the transaction with the buyer through the Escrow service, or use the services of brokers who will find you a buyer themselves. All domain names are approved manually. To avoid rejection and getting into the "black lists", it is best to add large portfolios (2K+) or premium domains that do not contain stop words and violations of existing TM.

Commission for the services of the guarantor of the transaction: 3% of the amount not exceeding $ 5,000, plus 0.3% of the amount exceeding $ 5,000. Premium payment fee: 3.88% of the sale price (default limit is $5000) for payment by credit card or PayPal. When using the "buy now" function: 10% commission (including premium payment fee).
Through mediation, the commission is 15%, the minimum is $ 175. With the mediation of several parties, the broker's commission will be 20%, at least $ 175.