Discuss Telegram addresses?

Started by Rita Jaiswal, Sep 22, 2022, 04:50 AM

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Rita JaiswalTopic starter

Recently, a large number of addresses were cleaned (but they did not become available).
    Durov suggested that there would be an auction for beautiful domain addresses.
    Now it is possible to use username.t.me .
I have a new channel (created a couple of days ago) without a message left with the address.


Of course, they were deceived, not only from channels where there was no activity for more than a year, but from recently created ones.
Half, or even more, was seized from itself, you need to look and count, they didn't touch only what was on the accounts. Well, when they return them back into circulation, then immediately "cybersquatters from Iran" will connect with their software and they will not be able to take something decent with their hands, and Durov will keep valuable things for himself, for instance, credit, they have been selling since 2016, but they have not sold.


A very strange approach. Why is inactivity per year - and the channel is immediately taken away?
Firstly, it can easily happen that a person is deprived of access to the channel for a year (illness, army, and so on). Secondly, OK, the person did not publish something for a year, and before that he developed the channel. So what? Why do I need to take the channel?

And if in a good way, then some more adequate period of inactivity is needed. At least three years.
At the same time, the Telegram should remind you for some time that the address will be expropriated in a month, in a week, in a day. Finally, it would be good to clearly state this in the rules, including what inactivity is.