What do you think about .ONE domain zone?

Started by Allen, Aug 01, 2022, 04:59 AM

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AllenTopic starter

In my opinion, this is one of the few domain zones that can go:

1. short zone name
2. universal speaking name
3. Relatively normal prices


A good domain zone, I sold a domain in this zone, and also bought it for myself.

Best.one and good.one are not bad
True, the number of possible hаcks is relatively small ...
Above .pro (107k registrations today) and .guru (65k), the zone is not likely to jump. And here, it will not cause a stir all the more.


Still, those who consider new domain names to be just another way of making money for registrars are probably not so wrong. It's not for nothing that entire companies are created to register domains exclusively in new zones, which then attract $110 million in investments, such as the Donuts registrar.

Opinions that new domains are a divorce of gullible philistines for money are also supported by some representatives of the industry. For instance, the Managing director of Domains LLC recently expressed such a position on his Facebook.

In addition, it is not entirely clear why such a huge number of new zones should be created.
Various studies, including among online marketers (who have a certain idea of what and how the network works) indicate that most of them do not even suspect about new domain names, and those who have heard, believe that an unreasonably large number of them will only confuse people.

Despite the fact that the positive impact of the introduction of new zones on the problem of cybersquatting has already been noted above, it will not be possible to completely defeat it due to the same low awareness of people about new domains.
Companies in which no one knows about the existence of recently appeared domain zones may eventually want to buy an address for their new online store, for example, in the zone .one and experience frustration from the fact that it will already be occupied by a squatter (although, of course, there will be more options for maneuver now).

It would be possible to solve this problem with the help of more active promotion of the possibility of buying domain names in new zones among a wide range of the Internet community, which is not yet observed by ICANN.
Obviously, the most promising among the new domain zones are those that relate to the areas of business and entertainment. According to the results of the same survey of Internet marketers, they are most impressed by the domain zone .app, .one, .inc, .book, and then there are entertainment .movie, music, .art, .home, .design, .llc. So in the near future, the Internet is waiting for an influx of domains like angrybirds.app and jobs.one.