Any example of a practical use of .xyz

Started by parven, Jun 27, 2022, 05:18 AM

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today i just tried nearly 50 domain searches to register xyz domains. But almost all i searched were taken.
 But non of them have live website i can say. All showing a for sale landing page.
recently i saw huge sales of xyz domains in the after market. but i dont see a real use of them.

please advise to understand this.


You can type this at or that you want to target, then enter to know potential opportunity via google search result page.

I say this with my seo experience more than 10 years, help small business and medium scale company . There is no special different whether you use .xyz , .net or . com , etc in seo perspective.

But for long term brand ( when you have more budget, let's say $500k $1m or more ) , you can secure high quality .com domain.


.xyz was originally created in 2014, and went viral a year later when Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., decided to use it for its newly renamed website. Due to the growing problem with domain name hijacking, Alphabet had to find a way to generate new domain names for its website. This led to the creation of .xyz.

Alphabet decided to open its website as, this has created "unlimited branding opportunities," according to xyz CEO Daniel Negari, TechCrunch reports. Negari is a very active crypto investor. He has invested in Gemini, MoonPay and BlockFi.

Here are more examples of .xyz domains