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Started by kaufenpreis, Jun 28, 2022, 02:40 AM

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As an fyi, i just posted/commented on Andrew Allemann's Domain Name Wire;

"Andrew,since receiving this at 12:05 est today I've been on a "Premium" binge buying spree for domains like and At last count I registered about 120 of these domains, and plan on buying a hundred more.
Once I take a breather, and because I know there are so many great names left, I plan on reaching out to Yoni, Manuel and Art see if they're interested in investing in me and my outbound marketing strategy. Thanks Andrew"

Note....there are thousands of great .link names that remain unregistered and you can buy them for $4.89 at Namecheap. Also note, you can't buy them at GD, but the risk vs. reward potential was too great an opportunity not to take advantage of it. Any questions or observations fire away.


We know this is a .link thread, but since you are also a prolific investor in .onlines, do tell us a few names that you sold and for what sum.
Why are you avoiding the question