Importance of new TLD .gdn?

Started by Туман, туман, Jun 21, 2022, 12:48 AM

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Hey guys.

Now when many new TLDs appears, one of them is .gdn
In Dynadot registrar this is cost just one dollar. But whats importance and popularity of this TLD between others?


The HUGE problem is this TLD is that it's hard to remember. It stands for "Generic Domain Name" or "General Domain Name" .. but in all honesty 99.99% of the general population have no idea what it stands for ... as such they have no basis to remember the letters a few hours after seeing it. They're just as likely to remember Domain.GND or Domain.NGD instead of Domain.GDN .. unless there's a special meaning for China I don't think this TLD has much hope of going anywhere! :(

The one positive .XYZ has going for it is that it's easy to remember (although I'm still not a fan of it and think it's more of a junk TLD) .. lol


The importance factor of a tld?

An interesting question, maybe not what you were actually asking though.

Importance for a brand to have the .gdn is 0, given a scale of 0 to 100 say. And 0, given a scale of 1,000. And so on..... absolutely zero worth for any business to own a .gdn.


The procedure for submitting an application to ICANN as part of the competition for a New gTLD was once compared by the complexity
to the company's IPO. UK Creative Ideas indicates that every application must include a financial plan to support the domain zone and a guarantee in the event of bankruptcy of the applicant, answering a total of 70 ICANN questions set out in the Applicant Guidebook. (According to eyewitnesses, the mentioned manual is a very extensive 400-page document.)

Chairman of the Board of the Internet Technology and Infrastructure Development Foundation (FATID) required careful study of almost all 70 items of the questionnaire. He considers only questions about legal and bank details to be formal. The rest implied confirmation by the applicant of the seriousness of his intentions, solvency, high level of business processes, technical readiness, the highest qualification of administrative and technical personnel (both the applicant himself and his project partners).