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Good afternoon everyone)
When registering, you will need to confirm that the person (organization) is related to the legal field (that the law firm, the status of a lawyer).
Will diploma of legal education give a right for this zone?


To be eligible to register (and continue to be a registrant) of a .LAW domain name, the registrant must be a qualified lawyer.
For the purposes of this Eligibility Policy, a Qualified Lawyer is a professional who is licensed to practice law by the legal services regulator in that jurisdiction.
A Qualified Lawyer must be identifiable as a currently licensed practitioner in a public registry maintained by the appropriate legal regulator.


MMX Company, domain zone administrator .LAW and .ABOGADO ("advocate" in Spanish) announced the simplification of the procedure for registering domain names in them.

Registration in these domain zones is only available to lawyers and organizations related to law. Each user's data is checked because .law and .abogado are promoted precisely as zones where professional lawyers can be found, and clients will be protected from possible fraud.

However, there are few domains registered in these zones: 11.3 thousand in the zone .law and 325 are in the zone .abogado. One of the reasons for this is two additional data fields in addition to the standard Whois data. In them, the applicant for the domain indicates information proving that he is a professional lawyer. But, to introduce these two fields to the data, the registrar had to install special software, so many companies do not provide registration services in .law and .abogado.

MMX has decided to cancel these two fields and check domain owners only based on Whois data.